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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter W (W*.dll)

arrow  wkswab.dll Microsoft® Works WAB Interface
arrow  wkthemes.dll Microsoft® Works Format Gallery
arrow  wkthmlng.dll Ressources des thèmes de Microsoft® Works
arrow  wkwablng.dll Ressources d'interface du Carnet d'adresses Windows pour Microsoft® Works
arrow  wkwat.dll Microsoft® Works Generic Support
arrow  wkwbl.dll Microsoft® Works Generic Support
arrow  wkwcecal.dll Module wclcedsk
arrow  wkwcewab.dll Module wabcedsk
arrow  wkwfx.dll Microsoft® Works Generic Support
arrow  wkwinuni.dll Microsoft® Works Unicode Layer
arrow  wkwpac.dll Microsoft® Works Word Proc. App Control
arrow  wkwplng.dll Ressources du Traitement de texte Microsoft® Works
arrow  wkwpqd.dll Microsoft® Works Word Processor
arrow  wkwpqrtf.dll Microsoft® Works Word Processor
arrow  wkwpquil.dll Microsoft® Works WP Quill Control
arrow  wkwzaddr.dll Microsoft® Works Address Wizard
arrow  wkwzlay.dll Microsoft® Works Wizard
arrow  wkwzlh.dll Microsoft® Works LetterHead Wizard
arrow  wkwzlng.dll Ressources de l'Assistant Microsoft® Works
arrow  wkwzmrg.dll Microsoft® Works Merge Wizard
arrow  wkwzsmpl.dll Microsoft® Works Wizard
arrow  wkwzthm.dll Microsoft® Works Wizard
arrow  wkwztmpl.dll Microsoft® Works Template Wizard
arrow  wkwzwiz.dll Microsoft® Works Wizard
arrow  wmccpl.dll Microsoft Windows Media Component Removal File.
arrow  wmcsci.dll Microsoft Windows Media Component Removal File.
arrow  wminet_utils.dll WMINet_Utils.dll
arrow  wmp8stub.dll Messenger
arrow  wmpnssci.dll DLL de l’interface de contrôle du service Partage réseau du Lecteur Windows Media
arrow  wmv9vcm.dll Windows Media Video 9 VCM
arrow  wnaspint.dll CD Recording Component
arrow  workssvc.dll Microsoft® Works Task Launcher Services
arrow  worksup.dll Microsoft® Works CCP
arrow  wpequ532.dll Equation Converter DLL
arrow  wsatconfig.resources.dll WsatConfig.exe
arrow  wsc.dll BitDefender WSC
arrow  wsdetect.dll Java(TM) Web Start ActiveX Control
arrow  wsdl.resources.dll wsdl.exe
arrow  wsdu.dll Windows Update Dynamic Update Stub
arrow  wsdueng.dll Windows Update Dynamic Update Engine

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