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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter P (P*.dll)

arrow  plugin.dll Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 10.1.4
arrow  pluginping.dll Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 10.1.4
arrow  proj.dll Director Player
arrow  provthrd.dll WMI Provider Thread & Log Library
arrow  psisdecd.dll
arrow  p2p.dll Peer-to-Peer Grouping
arrow  p2pgasvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Group Authentication Service
arrow  p2pgraph.dll Peer-to-Peer Graphing
arrow  p2pnetsh.dll Peer-to-Peer NetSh Helper
arrow  p2psvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Services
arrow  padrs404.dll MS-IME IMEPad resource file(Traditional Chinese)
arrow  padrs411.dll Microsoft IME. IMEPad resource module for japanese.
arrow  padrs412.dll MS-IME IMEPad resource file (Korean)
arrow  padrs804.dll MS-IME IMEPad resource file(Simplified Chinese)
arrow  panmap.dll PANOSE(tm) Font Mapper
arrow  paqsp.dll PaqSP Module
arrow  pautoenr.dll DLL Inscription automatique
arrow  pcclpfr.dll PicClip
arrow  pcdlib32.dll PCDLIB32
arrow  pchshell.dll Microsoft Help Center Shell
arrow  pchsvc.dll Microsoft PCHealth Service Holder
arrow  pdh.dll DLL d'application d'assistance Windows pour les données de performance
arrow  pdvcodec.dll DV Video for Windows Driver
arrow  perfctrs.dll Compteurs de performance
arrow  perfdisk.dll DLL d'objets Performance de disque Windows
arrow  perfnet.dll DLL d'objets Performance de service réseau Windows
arrow  perfos.dll DLL d'objets Performances système Windows
arrow  perfproc.dll DLL d'objets Performances de processus système Windows
arrow  perfts.dll Windows 2000 Terminal Services Performance Objects
arrow  photometadatahandler.dll Photo Metadata Handler
arrow  photowiz.dll Assistant Impression de photographies
arrow  physxloader.dll PhysXLoader Dynamic Link Library
arrow  pid.dll Microsoft PID
arrow  pidgen.dll Pid3.0 generation
arrow  pifmgr.dll Windows NT PIF Manager Icon Resources Library
arrow  pintlcsa.dll
arrow  pintlcsd.dll Microsoft IME 2002
arrow  pjlmon.dll PJL Language monitor
arrow  plustab.dll Effects Control Panel extension
arrow  pmigrate.dll Microsoft Pinyin IME Migration DLL

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