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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter P (P*.dll)

arrow  pavinas.dll PAVINAS
arrow  pavoe.dll Anti-malware Access Support Library
arrow  pavpen.dll NanoScan Plugin Enumeration
arrow  pavpz.dll PAVPZ Module
arrow  pcd5services.dll
arrow  pcdr2d3dvideodx9.dll
arrow  pcsexeps.dll Windows Live Call SDK Public Stub
arrow  pctree32.dll Creative Controls: Tree/List WIN32 Control
arrow  pdfl60.dll Adobe PDF Library
arrow  pdfl70.dll Adobe PDF Library
arrow  pdfprevhndlr.dll Adobe PDF Preview Handler
arrow  pdfsettings.dll Adobe PDF Settings Manager
arrow  pdfshell.dll PDF Shell Extension
arrow  pdm.dll Process Debug Manager
arrow  pegconv.dll ActiveSync File Conversion
arrow  penimc.dll Microsoft Tablet PC Component
arrow  perfcounter.dll Microsoft performance counter extension for .NET Runtime
arrow  persresen_us.dll Adobe PERS Resource Library
arrow  persresfr_fr.dll Adobe PERS Resource Library
arrow  peverify.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Just-In-Time Compiler (prototype)
arrow  pfcplan.dll Money Planner Engine C++ Class Wrappers
arrow  pfplan.dll Money Planner Engine DLL
arrow  photoeffects.dll Nero PhotoSnap Graphics Effects Plugin
arrow  photoeffectslib.dll Nero PhotoSnap image effects library
arrow  photoshop.dll
arrow  pkmws.dll SharePoint Portal Server Windows API Stub Library
arrow  planui.dll Money Planner UI DLL
arrow  plc4.dll PLC Library
arrow  plds4.dll PLDS Library
arrow  plgexeid.dll NanoScan Plugin ExeId
arrow  plgexeidsign.dll NanoScan Plugin ExeIdSign
arrow  plgglaukacomm.dll NanoScan Plugin Glauka
arrow  plgsigloader.dll NanoScan Plugin SIG Loader
arrow  plugdef.dll Default Plugin
arrow  png.dll Microsoft Office Publisher PNG Decoder
arrow  poce98.dll PANTONE Open Color Environment®
arrow  pocelang.dll PANTONE Open Color Environment®
arrow  popup.dll BitDefender popup messages
arrow  port32.dll port32
arrow  portalconnect.dll

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