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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter O (O*.dll)

arrow  olshared.dll Microsoft Money Shared Utilities
arrow  olutdll.dll Microsoft Money Online Utility Library
arrow  omfc.dll Microsoft Office MFC
arrow  omfcsat.dll MFC Language Specific Resources
arrow  onix32.dll
arrow  onlsetup.dll Microsoft Money Online Setup Module
arrow  ooabout.dll O&O About Dialog (Win32)
arrow  oodcmdrs.dll O&O Defrag Commandline Resources (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodguirs.dll O&O Defrag Resources (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodjobd.dll O&O Defrag Job Dialog (Win32)
arrow  oodjobdr.dll O&O Defrag Job Dialog Resource DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodpeabr.dll O&O Defrag About Resource DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodpep.dll O&O Defrag OCX (Win32)
arrow  oodperwr.dll O&O Defrag Registration Wizard Resources (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodpesur.dll O&O Defrag SplashUp Resources (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodpetpr.dll O&O Defrag Tip Resources (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodwiz.dll O&O Defrag Wizard (Win32)
arrow  oodwizrs.dll O&O Defrag Wizard Resource DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oorwiz.dll O&O Registration Wizard (Win32)
arrow  oosu.dll O&O SplashUp (Win32)
arrow  ootip.dll O&O Tip Dialog (Win32)
arrow  opera.dll Opera Internet Browser
arrow  operamgr.dll Adobe Opera Manager Library
arrow  opuc.dll Microsoft Office Update Detection Engine
arrow  otkloadr.dll Assembly loader
arrow  oudetect.dll Office Update Detection DLL
arrow  ouniansi.dll Opera Unicode Ansi conversion layer
arrow  outex.dll Outlook Exchange User Interface
arrow  outlacct.dll Outlook Accounts
arrow  outlctl.dll
arrow  outlfltr.dll Outlook Filter Library
arrow  outllib.dll Outlook Core
arrow  outllibr.dll Outlook Intl Pluggable UI
arrow  outlmime.dll Microsoft Office Outlook MAPI/MIME Converter
arrow  outlph.dll Outlook POP, FAX and MAPI Protocol Handlers
arrow  outlrpc.dll Outlook RPC
arrow  outlvba.dll Outlook VBA Integration Add-In
arrow  outlvbs.dll Outlook VB Script Library
arrow  outlwab.dll Outlook Contacts WAB Provider
arrow  outlwvw.dll Outlook Web Views

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