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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter V (V*.dll)

arrow  vjscui.dll Microsoft Visual J# .NET Compiler Error/Warning Messages
arrow  vjsee.dll Microsoft Visual J# Expression Evaluator
arrow  vjseeui.dll …valuateur d'expression Microsoft Visual J#
arrow  vjsharpcodeprovider.dll Microsoft Visual J# Managed Code Provider
arrow  vjsharpsxs10.dll Microsoft Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package SxS DLL
arrow  vjsld.dll
arrow  vjsldui.dll Visual J ++ SLD Resource DLL
arrow  vjslib.dll Microsoft Visual J# .NET SDK Class Library
arrow  vjslibcw.dll vjslibcw.dll
arrow  vjslibui.dll Microsoft Visual J# .NET SDK Class Library String Resource
arrow  vjsnativ.dll vjsnativ.dll
arrow  vjswfc.dll vjswfc
arrow  vjswfcbrowserstublib.dll VJSBrowserStubLib
arrow  vjswfccw.dll vjswfccw.dll
arrow  vjswfchost.dll Hosting environment for in IE
arrow  vjswfchtml.dll vjswfchtml
arrow  vmpegenc.dll Nero Library
arrow  vmpegencndx.dll VMPEGEnc
arrow  voicebar.dll Screen controls for voice recording.
arrow  voice_miles.dll
arrow  voice_speex.dll
arrow  vs70pgui.dll Installer la DLL des pages d'interface utilisateur
arrow  vs70uimgr.dll VS Setup UI Manager DLL
arrow  vsa7director.dll Microsoft Visual Basic Design Time Engine Director
arrow  vsamnu.dll VSA Menu Registration DLL
arrow  vsamui.dll DLL des ressources menu VSA
arrow  vsapkg.dll VsaPkg Package
arrow  vsapkgp.dll VsaPkg Package Proxy
arrow  vsapkgui.dll Ressources du package VsaPkg
arrow  vsavb7dt.dll Microsoft Visual Basic Design-Time Scripting Engine
arrow  vsavb7dtui.dll Microsoft Visual Basic Design-Time Scripting Engine Resources
arrow  vsavb7rt.dll Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Engine
arrow  vsavb7rtui.dll Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Engine Resources
arrow  vsavbproj.dll Visual Studio For Applications VB project DLL
arrow  vsavbprojui.dll Ressources du package de projet VB VSA
arrow  vsbasereqs.dll VS Setup Base Requirements
arrow  vsbrowse.dll Visual Studio WebBrowser Package
arrow  vsbrowseui.dll Visual Studio WebBrowser Package Resources
arrow  vscan.dll BitDefender Virus Scan Plugin
arrow  vsconverterspackage.dll Microsoft Converters

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