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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter A (A*.dll)

arrow  accountmgr.dll Suite Integration Toolkit Object
arrow  accwiz.dll Microsoft Access Wizard Controls
arrow  ace.dll Adobe Color Engine
arrow  acinv.dll Microsoft Application Inventory Component
arrow  acl5016.dll acl5016
arrow  acpver.dll
arrow  acrofx32.dll Lotus Notes Field Exchange Module for Adobe Acrobat
arrow  acroiehelper.dll Adobe PDF Helper for Internet Explorer
arrow  acropdf.dll PDF Browser Control
arrow  acrord32.dll Adobe Reader 8.1
arrow  acrordif.dll PDF IFilter
arrow  acsinstn.dll AOL Connectivity Service Installation Helper
arrow  acwizrc.dll DLL internationale des Assistants Microsoft Access
arrow  addrpars.dll Outlook Address Parser
arrow  addrprsr.dll Outlook Address Parser
arrow  adobedocmeta.dll Adobe DocMetaLib
arrow  adobelinguistic.dll Linguistic Library
arrow  adobelm.dll AdobeLM
arrow  adobelmsvc installer.dll System Level Service Installer
arrow  adobeols.dll Adobe Online Services Library
arrow  adobeupdater.dll Adobe Updater Library
arrow  adobeupdaterapp.dll Adobe Updater
arrow  adobexmp.dll Adobe XMP Toolkit
arrow  adobe_epic.dll Adobe EPIC DLL
arrow  adobe_eula.dll Adobe EPIC EULA DLL
arrow  adodb.dll
arrow  adonetdiag.dll .NET Framework
arrow  advcheck.dll Dateiüberprüfungs-Bibliothek
arrow  advrcntr2.dll AdvrCntr Module
arrow  agcore.dll Microsoft agcore dll
arrow  agentreg.dll BitDefender Register Module
arrow  agldt28l.dll ICU Data DLL
arrow  agm.dll Adobe Graphics Manager
arrow  ahclient.dll Adobe Help Client Library
arrow  aiff.dll Audio plugin
arrow  aiodlite.dll Acrobat Install On Demand
arrow  alink.dll Assembly Linker
arrow  alinkui.dll Assembly Linker Error/Warning Messages
arrow  almuirsc.dll almuirsc
arrow  alrtintl.dll Alert Intl

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