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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter A (A*.dll)

arrow  ati2evxx.dll ATI External Event Utility DLL Module
arrow  ati3duag.dll ati3duag.dll
arrow  atiddc.dll atiddc
arrow  atidemgr.dll Graphics DEM
arrow  atidemgx.dll Graphics DEM
arrow  atiiiexx.dll .INF file installer
arrow  atikvmag.dll Virtual Command And Memory Manager
arrow  atioglx1.dll ATI OpenGL driver
arrow  atioglx2.dll ATI OpenGL driver
arrow  atioglxx.dll ATI OpenGL driver
arrow  atiok3x2.dll Ring 0 x2 component
arrow  atipdlxx.dll ATI Desktop CWDDEDI DLL
arrow  atitvo32.dll ATI RageTheater/ImpacTV2 COM interface
arrow  ativcoxx.dll 32-bit ATI VCO Driver
arrow  ativvaxx.dll Radeon Video Acceleration Universal Driver
arrow  atl80.dll ATL Module for Windows (Unicode)
arrow  aaclient.dll Anywhere access client
arrow  accuimr5.dll AccuSoft Image Format Library/Windows NT DLL
arrow  agcpanelfrench.dll
arrow  agcpanelgerman.dll
arrow  agcpaneljapanese.dll
arrow  agcpanelkorean.dll
arrow  agcpanelportugese.dll
arrow  agcpanelsimplifiedchinese.dll
arrow  agcpanelspanish.dll
arrow  agcpanelswedish.dll
arrow  agcpaneltraditionalchinese.dll
arrow  appmgmts.dll Service Installation de logiciels
arrow  appmgr.dll Extension du composant logiciel enfichable d'installation de logiciel
arrow  atiexdxx.dll ATI TV Ratings Module
arrow  atl71.dll ATL Module for Windows (Unicode)
arrow  audiodev.dll Portable Media Devices Shell Extension
arrow  auth.dll
arrow  axaltocm.dll Axalto Card Module
arrow  aacenc32.dll AAC LC/HE Audio Encoder
arrow  aacplus.dll AAC HE/LC Audio Decoder
arrow  abssm.dll MSN Messenger Contacts Sync
arrow  acadproc.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
arrow  accessibility.dll Accessibility.dll
arrow  accessiblemarshal.dll

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