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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter I (I*.dll)

arrow  imagxra7.dll ImagXRA7 Dynamic Link Library
arrow  imeshare.dll Microsoft Office IME Shared property library.
arrow  imgutil.dll IE plugin image decoder support DLL
arrow  imm32.dll Windows XP IMM32 API Client DLL
arrow  inetcomm.dll Microsoft Internet Messaging API
arrow  inetcplc.dll Panneau de configuration Internet
arrow  inetfr.dll DLL du contrôle Microsoft Internet Transfer
arrow  inetmib1.dll Microsoft MIB-II subagent
arrow  inetres.dll Ressources API de Microsoft Internet Messaging
arrow  infocardapi.dll Microsoft InfoCards
arrow  infosoft.dll Wordbreaker and stemmer dll
arrow  initpki.dll Installation et configuration de Microsoft Trust
arrow  inked.dll Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component
arrow  inseng.dll Install engine
arrow  intelnic.dll Intel(R) Network Interface Card CoInstaller
arrow  iologmsg.dll DLL de journalisation des E/S
arrow  ipmontr.dll DLL Moniteur de routeur IP
arrow  ippromon.dll DLL du Moniteur de protocoles IP
arrow  iprop.dll OLE PropertySet Implementation
arrow  iprtprio.dll IP Routing Protocol Priority DLL
arrow  iprtrmgr.dll Gestionnaire de routeur IP
arrow  ipsecsnp.dll Composant enfichable pour Microsoft Windows 2000 du Gestionnaire de la stratégie de sécurité pour le protocole Internet
arrow  ipsecsvc.dll DLL de Windows IPSec SPD serveur
arrow  ipsmsnap.dll Composant logiciel enfichable Moniteur de sécurité IP
arrow  ipv6mon.dll DLL Moniteur IF
arrow  ipxmontr.dll DLL du Moniteur de routeur IPX
arrow  ipxpromn.dll DLL du Moniteur de routeur IPX
arrow  ipxrip.dll IPX RIP
arrow  ipxrtmgr.dll IPX ROUTER MANAGER
arrow  ipxsap.dll SAP Agent DLL
arrow  ipxwan.dll IPXWAN
arrow  ir32_32.dll
arrow  ir41_qc.dll Intel Indeo® Video Interactive Quick Compressor
arrow  ir41_qcx.dll Intel Indeo® Video Interactive Quick Compressor
arrow  ir50_32.dll Intel Indeo® video 5.10
arrow  ir50_qc.dll Intel Indeo® video 5.10 Quick Compressor
arrow  ir50_qcx.dll Intel Indeo® video 5.10 Quick Compressor
arrow  irclass.dll Co-installateur de classe Infrarouge
arrow  isrdbg32.dll ISR Debug 32-bit Engine
arrow  itircl.dll Microsoft® InfoTech IR Local DLL

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