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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter I (I*.dll)

arrow  imskf.dll Microsoft IME 2002
arrow  iaccore.dll
arrow  ibmmgug.dll
arrow  iconv.dll LGPLed libiconv for Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 95/98/ME
arrow  icordbg.dll .NET Compact Framework
arrow  icucnv34.dll IBM ICU Common DLL
arrow  icudt34.dll ICU Data DLL
arrow  idriveinst.dll NERO IMAGEDRIVE installation library
arrow  ieawsdc.dll
arrow  ieexecremote.dll Microsoft IE Remote shell
arrow  iehost.dll Microsoft IE hosting interface
arrow  ieproxy.dll IE ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library
arrow  ietag.dll Microsoft Office 2003 component
arrow  igdi.dll InstallShield (R) IGdi DLL
arrow  igdicnv.dll InstallShield (R) IGdi DLL
arrow  ignorecolumns.dll IgnoreColumns Module
arrow  ignorecommentsc.dll IgnoreCommentsC Module
arrow  ignorefieldscomma.dll IgnoreFieldsComma Module
arrow  ignorefieldstab.dll IgnoreFieldsTab Module
arrow  iiehost.dll
arrow  ikernel.dll InstallShield (R) Setup Engine
arrow  ilog.dll InstallShield® Log Services Dynamic Link Library
arrow  image.dll Nero Recorder Driver
arrow  imagedrv.dll NERO IMAGEDRIVE control library
arrow  imagegen.dll Nero Library
arrow  imagereadyres.dll ImageReady CS2
arrow  impmail.dll Outlook Mail Importer
arrow  inetrepl.dll ActiveSync Favorite Synchronization
arrow  infintl.dll Microsoft Office InfoPath - Ressources internationales
arrow  infocard.resources.dll Windows CardSpace
arrow  inkdiv.dll Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component
arrow  inkeng.dll Windows Desktop RichInk Engine
arrow  inkobj.dll Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component
arrow  inkprops.dll InkProps Module
arrow  inkreg.dll Note Sync Registration Dll
arrow  inkres.dll Windows Desktop RichInk Engine Resources
arrow  inkstore.dll Notes Synchronization Store
arrow  inksync.dll Ink Form Synchronization Module
arrow  inkx.dll UI Around RichInk Engine
arrow  inlaunch.dll Microsoft Office InfoPath Launcher

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