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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter M (M*.dll)

arrow  microsoft.directx.directplay.dll Microsoft Managed DirectPlay
arrow  microsoft.directx.directsound.dll Microsoft Managed DirectSound
arrow  microsoft.directx.dll Microsoft Managed DirectX Helper Classes
arrow  microsoft.jconvert.extensions.dll VJ Upgrade Extensions
arrow  microsoft.jconvert.extensions.resources.dll VJ Upgrade Extensions
arrow  microsoft.jscript.dll Microsoft® JScript Engine
arrow  microsoft.jscript.resources.dll Microsoft® JScript Engine
arrow  microsoft.mshtml.dll
arrow .NET Compact Framework
arrow Microsoft.Office.Interop.InfoPath.SemiTrust
arrow Microsoft.Office.Interop.InfoPath.Xml
arrow  microsoft.stdformat.dll
arrow  microsoft.transactions.bridge.dll Microsoft.Transactions.Bridge.dll
arrow  microsoft.transactions.bridge.dtc.dll Microsoft DTC Gateway Pluggable Protocol Layer
arrow Visual Basic Compatibility Runtime Library
arrow Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.Data.dll
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.compatibility.dll Visual Basic Compatibility Runtime Library
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.compatibility.resources.dll Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.dll
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.dll Visual Basic Runtime Library
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.pocketpc.asmmeta.dll .NET Compact Framework
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.resources.dll Visual Basic Runtime Library
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.smartphone.asmmeta.dll .NET Compact Framework
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradeengineinterface.dll Interop Assembly for VB Upgrade
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradeextensions.dll Visual Basic Migration Wizard Resources Utility
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradeextensions.resources.dll Visual Basic Migration Wizard Resources Utility
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradesnippet.dll Visual Basic Migration Wizard Resources Utility
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradesnippet.resources.dll Visual Basic Migration Wizard Resources Utility
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradewizard.dll Migration Wizard
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.upgradewizard.resources.dll Migration Wizard
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.vsa.dll Microsoft (r) VSA VB Security Trusted Engine
arrow  microsoft.visualbasic.windowsce.asmmeta.dll .NET Compact Framework
arrow  microsoft.visualc.dll Microsoft® Visual C++ Metadata
arrow  microsoft.visualj.upgradeengineinterface.dll Interop Assembly for JLCA
arrow  microsoft.visualjava.upgradewizard.dll VJ Migration Wizard
arrow  microsoft.visualjava.upgradewizard.resources.dll VJ Migration Wizard
arrow  microsoft.visualstudio.converters.interop.dll Conversion Interop Assembly
arrow  microsoft.visualstudio.dataformwizard.dll VSWizards
arrow  microsoft.visualstudio.dataformwizard.resources.dll VSWizards
arrow  microsoft.visualstudio.deploywizard.dll VSDeployWizard
arrow  microsoft.visualstudio.deploywizard.resources.dll VSDeployWizard

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