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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter O (O*.dll)

arrow  olecnv32.dll Microsoft OLE for Windows
arrow  oledb32.dll Microsoft Data Access - OLE DB Core Services
arrow  oledb32r.dll Microsoft Data Access - Ressources des services OLE DB Core
arrow  oledlg.dll Prise en charge de l'interface utilisateur pour Microsoft Windows(TM) OLE 2.0
arrow  oleprn.dll Oleprn DLL
arrow  olepro32.dll
arrow  olesvr.dll Object Linking and Embedding Server Library
arrow  olesvr32.dll Object Linking and Embedding Server Library
arrow  olethk32.dll Microsoft OLE for Windows
arrow  omano.dll omano Module
arrow  oodagmg.dll O&O Defrag Agent Message DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodagrs.dll O&O Defrag Agent Resource DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodbsrs.dll O&O BootTimeDefrag Resource DLL (ENU) (Win32)
arrow  oodtrrs.dll O&O Defrag TrayIcon Resource DLL (GER) (Win32)
arrow  ootmapi.dll O&O TextMode Driver API (Win32)
arrow  openal32.dll Standard OpenAL(TM) Implementation
arrow  opengl32.dll OpenGL Client DLL
arrow  osuninst.dll Interface de désinstallation
arrow  oballoon.dll Microsoft Office 2003 component
arrow  objectps.dll InstallShield (R) ObjectPS DLL
arrow  objps8.dll InstallShield (R) ObjectPS DLL
arrow  objpscnv.dll InstallShield (R) ObjectPS DLL
arrow  ocltint.dll Microsoft SharePoint Discussions Resources
arrow  ocvt.dll Microsoft OFD file conversion
arrow  odimg.dll
arrow  ofcimp.dll Microsoft Money OFC Import Driver
arrow  ofdutil.dll Microsoft OFD Clienty Utility Library
arrow  office.dll
arrow  office10.dll Microsoft Clip Organizer Asset Version Proxy
arrow  ofx.dll Microsoft Money OFX Driver
arrow  ogg.dll Audio plugin
arrow  oinfos11.dll Office Data Provider for WBEM
arrow  oisapp.dll Microsoft Office Picture Manager App
arrow  oisctrl.dll Microsoft Office Picture Manager Launcher Control
arrow  oisgraph.dll Microsoft Office Picture Manager Graphics
arrow  oisintl.dll Microsoft Office Picture Manager International Resources
arrow  olfi.dll Microsoft Money Online Support Module
arrow  olkfstub.dll Outlook Shell Hook for Start/Find
arrow  olregdll.dll Notes Outlook Registration Dll
arrow  ols.dll Adobe Online Services CS2 Support Library

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