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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter X (X*.dll)

arrow  xpssvcs.dll Native Code Xps Services Library
arrow  x3daudio1_0.dll X3DAudio
arrow  x3daudio1_1.dll X3DAudio
arrow  x3daudio1_2.dll X3DAudio
arrow  xactengine2_0.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_1.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_2.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_3.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_4.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_5.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_6.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_7.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactengine2_8.dll XACT Engine API
arrow  xactsrv.dll Downlevel API Server DLL
arrow  xcomm.dll BitDefender Communicator
arrow  xenroll.dll XEnroll
arrow  xinput1_1.dll Microsoft Common Controller API
arrow  xinput1_2.dll Microsoft Common Controller API
arrow  xinput1_3.dll Microsoft Common Controller API
arrow  xinput9_1_0.dll Microsoft Common Controller API
arrow  xmllite.dll Microsoft XmlLite Library
arrow  xmlprov.dll Network Provisioning Service
arrow  xmlprovi.dll Network Provisioning Service Client API
arrow  xolehlp.dll MS DTC helper APIs DLL
arrow  xpob2res.dll Messages Service Pack 2 OOB
arrow  xpsp1res.dll Messages Service Pack 1
arrow  xpsp2res.dll Messages Service Pack 2
arrow  xpsp3res.dll Messages Service Pack 3
arrow  xpsshhdr.dll Package Document Shell Extension Handler
arrow  xreglib.dll
arrow  xvidcore.dll
arrow  xvidvfw.dll
arrow  ximgplg.dll Image File Format Plugin
arrow  xlcall32.dll Microsoft Excel Callback DLL
arrow  xlintl32.dll Composant Microsoft Office 2003
arrow  xllex.dll Composant Microsoft Office 2003
arrow  xls2pxl.dll XLS to PXL file converter
arrow  xlslicer.dll Microsoft Office 2003 component
arrow  xmlparse.dll xmlparse
arrow  xmlparser.dll NanoScanner XMLParser

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