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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter M (M*.dll)

arrow  msosvfbr.dll Microsoft Office Services on the Web Free/Busy
arrow  msosvint.dll Services Microsoft Office sur le Web
arrow  msowcw.dll Microsoft Office Web Components Wizards
arrow  msowcwi.dll DLL de ressources en français pour les Assistants Microsoft Office Web Components
arrow  msows409.dll
arrow  msows40c.dll Microsoft Office Server Extensions Localized Resources
arrow  msoxev.dll XEV
arrow  msoxmlmf.dll Microsoft Office XML MIME Filter
arrow  mspcore.dll Microsoft® Office Document Imaging Object Library
arrow  mspdb71.dll Microsoft® Program Database
arrow  mspfctl0.dll Microsoft Money Personal Finance Custom Control DLL
arrow  mspfltrs.dll Microsoft® TIFF Filter resources
arrow  mspgimme.dll Microsoft® Gimme library
arrow  msplcres.dll Microsoft Office Document Imaging Resource DLL
arrow  mspst32.dll Microsoft Personal Folder/Address Book Service Provider
arrow  msrtedit.dll MSRTEDIT
arrow  mss32.dll Miles Sound System
arrow  mss32_s.dll Miles Sound System
arrow  mssdi98.dll Microsoft® SQL Debug Interface
arrow  mssh.dll Microsoft Office 2003 component
arrow  mssoap30.dll Microsoft Office Soap SDK
arrow  mssoapr3.dll Microsoft Office Soap Resource DLL 3.0
arrow  mssp3fr.dll Natural Language Services Legacy Speller
arrow  mssp3nl.dll Dutch speller .dll
arrow  msspell3.dll Microsoft Speller
arrow  msth3fr.dll Msth3fr
arrow  msth3nl.dll Dutch thesaurus .dll
arrow  msthes3.dll Microsoft Thesaurus dll
arrow  mstintl.dll Bibliothèque multimédia
arrow  mstores.dll Clip Organizer
arrow  msusp.dll Microsoft Universal Search Provider DLL
arrow  msuspint.dll Microsoft Universal Search Provider International DLL
arrow  msvb7.dll Microsoft Visual Basic
arrow  msvb7ui.dll DLL de ressource Visual Basic
arrow  msvbprj.dll Visual Basic Project DLL
arrow  msvbprjui.dll DLL de projet Visual Basic
arrow  msvbver.dll Microsoft (R) Visual Studio registry hook library
arrow  msvcrt10.dll
arrow  msvsui.dll Windows Live Analyse Sécurité pour Messenger UI DLL
arrow  mswbclng.dll Microsoft Web Capture Extension

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