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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter M (M*.dll)

arrow  mscorlib.resources.dll Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library
arrow  mscormmc.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine Starter for MMC
arrow  mscorpe.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime PE File Generator
arrow  mscorrc.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime resources
arrow  mscorsec.dll Microsoft .NET Security module
arrow  mscorsecr.dll Microsoft .NET Security resource module
arrow  mscorsvc.dll .NET Runtime Optimization Service
arrow  mscorsvr.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Common Language Runtime - Server
arrow  mscortim.dll Unmanaged code to assist CLR Admin tool
arrow  mscps.dll
arrow  msdaipp.dll Microsoft Data Access Component Internet Publishing Provider
arrow  msdapml.dll SharePoint Portal Server executable
arrow  msdatasrc.dll
arrow  msdbg2.dll Active Debugging Proxy/Stub
arrow  msdbgui.dll Microsoft Debugger Strings
arrow  msdds.dll Microsoft Design Tools - Diagram Surface
arrow  msddsf.dll Microsoft Design Tools - DDS Forms
arrow  msddslm.dll Microsoft Design Tools - Layout Manager
arrow  msddslmp.dll
arrow  msddsp.dll
arrow  msddsui.dll Microsoft Design Tools - Surface du schéma
arrow  msdia80.dll Microsoft® Debug Information Accessor
arrow  msdis140.dll Microsoft® Disassembler
arrow  msdmeng.dll Microsoft Data Mining Engine
arrow  msdmine.dll Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Data Mining Services
arrow  msemp.dll Microsoft(R) VSEE Versioning Enlistment Manager Proxy
arrow  msempui.dll Microsoft(R) VSEE Versioning Enlistment Manager Proxy
arrow  msenc71.dll Microsoft (R) Debugging Edit and Continue Library
arrow  msenc71ui.dll Microsoft (R) Debugging Edit and Continue Library
arrow  msenv.dll Development Environment DLL
arrow  msenvmnu.dll Visual Studio Environment Menu Registration DLL
arrow  msenvmui.dll DLL des ressources de menu de l'environnement Visual Studio
arrow  msenvp.dll Development Environment DLL
arrow  msenvui.dll DLL de ressource Development Environment
arrow  msevbprj.dll Visual Basic Project DLL
arrow  msevbprjui.dll Visual Basic Project Resource DLL
arrow  msfdpb.dll Microsoft Money Financial Data Parser
arrow  msgblder.dll Microsoft(R) Developer Studio Message Builder
arrow  msgbldui.dll Microsoft(R) Visual Studio Message Builder Resource DLL
arrow  msgr3fr.dll Microsoft French Natural Language Server

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