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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter M (M*.dll)

arrow  mmxptresources.dll MMxpt
arrow  mnyadv.dll Microsoft Money Advisor Library
arrow  mnycore.dll Microsoft Money Core Objects
arrow  mnyinet.dll Microsoft Money Internet Library
arrow  mnylog.dll Microsoft Money Logging Component
arrow  mnyob99.dll Money Core Library DLL - Obelisk
arrow  mnyolinv.dll Microsoft Money Online Investments
arrow  mnyonl.dll Microsoft Money Online Services
arrow  mnysetup.dll Money Setup and Configuration
arrow  mnyui.dll Money UI
arrow  mnyutil.dll Microsoft Money Utility Library
arrow  mnyxml.dll Microsoft Money XML Support Module
arrow  modemcheck.dll ModemCheck Module
arrow  modemutil.dll ModemUtil Module
arrow  mofl.dll Microsoft Office 2003 component
arrow  mor6int.dll Microsoft Office Publisher
arrow  morph9.dll Microsoft Office Publisher Morph Engine Back End
arrow  mp.dll
arrow  mp3pp.dll Audio Plugin
arrow  mp3pro.dll Audio plugin
arrow  mp3pro_dmo.dll Audio plugin component
arrow  mp3pro_hlp.dll Audio plugin component
arrow  mpacct.dll Account Register Place
arrow  mpadvd.dll Advisor FYI Details Place
arrow  mpamgr.dll Account Manager Place
arrow  mpbank.dll Online/Bank Place
arrow  mpbdgt.dll Budget Place
arrow  mpbill.dll Bills Place
arrow  mpcarhm.dll Car and House Centers
arrow  mpcflow.dll Cash Flow Place
arrow  mpcont.dll Contents Place
arrow  mpcshfn.dll Purchase Wizard
arrow  mpctcls.dll Category/Classification Details Place
arrow  mpffm.dll Frequent Flyer Miles Place
arrow  mpfrclo.dll French Car Loan Place
arrow  mpfrmin.dll minitel area
arrow  mpfrmor.dll French Mor Place
arrow  mpfrpel.dll French PEL Place
arrow  mpfrrb.dll French RvB Place
arrow  mpfrret.dll French Retirement Place

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