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List of the DLL files beginning with the letter M (M*.dll)

arrow  msgsvc.dll NT Messenger Service
arrow  mshtml.dll Microsoft (R) HTML Viewer
arrow  mshtmled.dll Microsoft® HTML Editing Component
arrow  mshtmler.dll Microsoft® HTML Editing Component's Resource DLL
arrow  msi.dll Windows Installer
arrow  msident.dll Gestionnaire d'identité Microsoft
arrow  msidle.dll User Idle Monitor
arrow  msidntld.dll Gestionnaire d'identité Microsoft
arrow  msieftp.dll Extension Shell dossier FTP Microsoft Internet Explorer.
arrow  msihnd.dll Windows® installer
arrow  msimg32.dll GDIEXT Client DLL
arrow  msimsg.dll Windows® Installer International Messages
arrow  msimtf.dll Active IMM Server DLL
arrow  msinfo.dll Contrôle d'informations système
arrow  msir3jp.dll Japanese Wordbreaker and Stemmer
arrow  msisip.dll MSI Signature SIP Provider
arrow  msjet40.dll Microsoft Jet Engine Library
arrow  msjetol1.dll Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet
arrow  msjetoledb40.dll Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet
arrow  msjint40.dll DLL internationale du moteur de base de données Microsoft Jet
arrow  msjro.dll Microsoft Jet and Replication Objects
arrow  msjter40.dll Microsoft Jet Database Engine Error DLL
arrow  msjtes40.dll Microsoft Jet Expression Service
arrow  mslbui.dll Extension de barre de langues
arrow  msls2.dll Microsoft Applications Line Services library file
arrow  msls31.dll Microsoft Line Services library file
arrow  msltus40.dll Microsoft Jet Lotus 1-2-3 Isam
arrow  mslwvtts.dll Microsoft Linguistically Enhanced Wave File Output Engine
arrow  msmskfr.dll MSMask
arrow  msnetobj.dll DRM ActiveX Network Object
arrow  msnsspc.dll Accès MSN Internet
arrow  msobjs.dll Nom d'audit des objets système
arrow  msoe.dll Outlook Express
arrow  msoeacct.dll Gestionnaire de comptes Internet
arrow  msoeres.dll Outlook Express
arrow  msoert2.dll Microsoft Outlook Express RT Lib
arrow  msorc32r.dll Microsoft Data Access - Pilote ODBC pour ressources Oracle
arrow  msorcl32.dll Microsoft Data Access - ODBC Driver for Oracle
arrow  mspatcha.dll Microsoft(R) Patch Engine
arrow  mspbde40.dll Microsoft Jet Paradox Isam

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